Online Technology and Your Bowls Club

Head in the sand doesn’t work for bowls clubs. They run out of members or run out of money and close down.

To survive in 2019, clubs need to adapt their offering and get it in front of potential members and players.

The good news is that the two best ways to do get your message out are far less expensive than traditional advertising. Those two ways are word of mouth and online.

Both pay off massive dividends but both are all too easy to get wrong.

  • Word of mouth has to be positive and accurate.
  • Online – meaning websites, email and social media – has to be positive and accurate.

The good news is that they feed each other.

  • Word of mouth can lead people to get accurate information about your club, membership, venue hire and more.
  • The work you do for your online presence will help your word of mouth by providing good and accurate information to share.

This package includes short courses to coach you in the implementation of technology in your club which can include membership database, website, online calendar, email and social media, blueprints.

It is suitable for both management and paid or volunteer workers.

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