Grow A Garden Journal or Blog

Keeping records of what I’ve planted, where and when, has always been a challenge for me. Notepads and books get lost, or aren’t with me when I need them. You know what it’s like.

So, I’ve used WordPress to make my Gardening Journal. The automated categories and tags in WordPress make it a lot more useful than a paper journal. The trick is in working out what categories and tags to use and how.

Photos and links to other sites bring online journals into a class of their own. Being able to share news about my plants and garden by email or on social media are a bonus.

Another advantage is that I can access it anywhere, so when I’m at the garden centre, I can check the plants I already have, and my wishlist, on my phone.

This short course will help you work out the best solution to support and record your gardening.

How to grow a Gardening Journal and Blog is for avid gardeners, activist gardeners, and gardeners growing a business to keep records of plants and the garden, share with others, and maybe grow a following.