Setting up a wordpress website

When I started making webpages, we wrote the code in Notepad. Later there were programs like Homesite, Frontpage, Dreamweaver for designing and managing websites. With the number of different platforms (desktop, tablet, phone, etc) and the different browsers, it became more practical to use a system like WordPress to look after the code and concentrate […] Read more

Website Pitfalls for NFP Organisations

The internet offers many opportunities for non-profit organisations… and many pitfalls. These are some of the common problems I have seen over the years. Burst of enthusiasm followed by an out-of-date or empty website. Initial discussions are often exciting – “We could do this… or that… and have these bells and whistles.” Then the hard […] Read more

Menus, Pages and Categories in WordPress

Themes usually come with one or more menu locations and you can also add menus in the right/left hand column as a widget. Many themes have a Top Menu (probably goes across the top of the page either above or below the top banner) and a Social Links Menu (probably goes bottom right and meant […] Read more