Lawn Bowls

I sometimes enjoy telling people that I am a “lady bowler” and watching their faces. Lawn bowls conjures stereotypes in many people’s minds – just watch any current affairs program about pensioners and out comes a sleepy shot of some grey headed players on the bowling green.

But as well as being a good sport for someone in my job – walking and looking into the distance compared to sitting looking at a computer screen – bowls clubs are being affected by many of the issues that fascinate me. Issues like the disruption of business models brought about by technology and social change, and the gender divisions in sport.

Traditional bowls clubs are in the fight of their lives to survive. These articles might spur some discussion on how they can carve out a successful niche in modern society.

Can a website really save your Bowls Club?

For some years now, Bowls Australia has been urging bowls clubs to promote themselves online. They provide free websites and are currently upgrading them through their Bowlslink program. Queensland is the only state not currently participating although some clubs have their website through BA’s earlier system. You can spot them easily through the design […] Read more

What is A Community Bowls Club?

When members talk about the future of their Clubs a common thread is whether they are a bowls club or whether they should become more of a community club. It soon becomes clear that people have got very different ideas of what being a community club or being part of the community means. The Newmarket […] Read more

Lawn Bowls in a Wheelchair

Try searching for a bowls club that caters for wheelchairs. It’s not as easy as you’d think. There is a concept called the social construction of disability used to tackle the unnecessary disadvantages faced by people with a disability in their daily lives. Providing ramps instead of just steps in all public buildings is an […] Read more