My Interests and Passions

Since 1995, I have been working in web development, online publishing, online community building, and performance marketing.

I also write in various formats about education, child development, learning difficulties and difference, social politics, language and communication. My interests in gardening, conservation, and good food often infiltrate my writing.

  • Words, Language and Meaning – Language and the way that it creates meaning, builds and maintains power, and shapes our lives, has always been a passion of mine. As a mature-age university student, I was fortunate to study these fields and develop my interest and understanding. Some reflections on that are in theĀ Language and Meaning category.
  • Education – To watch a child learn is a delight. To see their love of learning and their confidence in their own ability to learn undermined is tragic. Hence my interest in the politics of education, and the conflict between the idea of education as a development of the mind and the reality of the requirements and practices within educational institutions. See
  • My Garden – A few years ago, we moved into a house with a neat and barren garden. My garden project will take years to complete. It is now an organic garden with a mix of habitat and native trees, shrubs and groundcovers, fruit and veg growing, ponds and quiet places to sit, all squeezed into a suburban block. I’ve put this on one of our oldest domains (which later grew into
  • Politics – This is last, but never least, because you can’t talk about anything important without straying into the stuff of politics: priorities; social justice; privilege and disadvantage; accountability and ethics; and building the sort of society we want for ourselves and our children.